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What are canned response emails?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Canned response emails, a fancy term for pre-written, auto-response templates.

Canned response emails or prewritten emails are generic responses that are saved as email templates and sent to a number of recipients.

Examples of these can include but are not limited to emails that:

- answer frequently asked questions

- stand as a generic enquiry reply

- confirm a booking or other service

- notify the customer of a due date, service date or other

- prepare the customer for an upcoming appointment or session

- thank the customer for their recent action

- introduce project kickoffs

- remind a customer about payment and so much more.

How do you know if you need them?

A good way to assess whether canned response emails could improve your business processes is by asking the following:

  1. Do you keep wasting time writing the same response to similar enquiries?

  2. Are you falling behind on confirming bookings or following up invoices?

  3. Are you finding that your customers are coming to their appointment unprepared?

  4. Do your current auto-response emails lack personality?

Special offer...

If you're needing to cut down the amount of time you're taking to respond to your customers, I'd love to help.

By carefully crafting some tailored canned response emails, I'll not only provide you with personalised templates that you can start implementing immediately, but I'll take the time to know you and your audience, to give you that seamless, consistent writing tone.

Use code 3CRE when booking an email copywriting service with us and you'll save $100 per email!

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