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How to write a website that converts

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Potential customers visiting your site but not booking the call or making the purchase? When our clients come to us needing desperate help with this issue, there are a few important areas we address. Here are three things to check and implement below.

1. Clarify your header

Clever doesn't convert. If it's not clear what you do specifically and what that can do for your customer externally and internally, then you haven't got a strong brand message.

So how do we fix it? First things first... remove that "welcome to my website" banner.

This is prime location friends. You've only got around six seconds to convince your viewer that you've got what they need (before they bounce). So, don't waste it on a generic welcome message.

The three things you need to sum-up clearly, concisely and immediately are:

1. The economic and intrinsic value for the viewer of what you do

2. What you actually do and who for

3. What they need to do to get it.


Overcome the overwhelm to double your income.

Financial planning for creatives

Enquire now button.

2.Identify the problem and empathise with their frustrations

At the end of the day, we all want to be understood. If a brand recognises the exact success I am chasing and problems I am wanting to avoid, I am more likely to choose their brand over another that doesn't empathise with my 'why' for purchasing.

Think about it, how often do we read the founder's story, or read a testimonial and see the exact same desires and frustrations that we have and then instantly want to try it for ourselves? We all want to see our problems resolved.

Show your audience you understand the 'why' behind their needs and when writing about the product features, make sure that it links to an external and internal benefit.


This exercise program comes with a weekly check-in to help you stay accountable, so you can feel confident that by the end of the six weeks you will have stayed the course and be able to see a physical change. External (exercise program with weekly check-in). Internal (confidence that this program will work).

3. Fix your call to action

Did you know that your call to action (CTA) could be killing your conversions? Are customers visiting your website but not making the call? Looking at your services but not booking them in?

It could be an issue with your CTA.

Here's how to fix it:

1. Stop giving your website visitor multiple things to do. We all love simplicity. So define one clear CTA that will get them doing the end goal you want them to do (yes, you want them to view your service... but more so, you want them to enquire now, where they can learn more about your service on the call).

2. Treat your visitors in two categories: the 'do-ers' and the 'thinkers'.

Your 'do-ers' are good to go. They know what they want. What you provide clearly covers it. They're ready to enquire now. Make their CTA button front and centre on your website.

Your 'thinkers'... these guys need a little woo-ing. They need more info. They want more evidence. They've perhaps been burnt before. Or they're not as convinced that what you have to offer will actually benefit them. Make their CTA more transactional. Offer them a no-strings-attached, high value freebie and get them on your email list so you can get to know each other without asking for the sale.

Want to continue optimising your website for higher conversions? Download my High Converting Website Copy Template here.


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