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Airbnb copywriter

Hire an Airbnb copywriter to help make your holiday property stand out

Are you looking around wondering how some Airbnbs get booked out charging top dollar? The answer is in creating a brand that sells more than just a holiday rental. It's about marketing a whole lifestyle experience that the ideal customer desires.

This is where strong storytelling by an experienced Airbnb copywriter can make all the difference. If you're looking for a travel writer that specialises in Airbnbs, this is my specialty!

A few luxury Airbnb clients I've helped


The Airbnb copywriter for luxury Airbnbs

Hey, I'm Liana

An Airbnb copywriter specialising in brand storytelling, website copywriting and full marketing solutions for your Airbnb. Seeing way too many hosts losing ridiculous amounts of money in fees and trying to compete with the big aggregators online, I love helping hosts take back control of their holiday rental businesses with marketing support that allows them to turn their passion into a full-time income.


With almost 10 years of marketing experience and having worked with over 185 brands, I work with you 1:1 to uncover your strongest message for the market and translate it effortlessly across all your communications.


My Airbnb copywriting services

How I can help you promote your Airbnb

Website Copy

Create an elevated online space to market your luxury airbnb experience

Airbnb Listing

Need to re-write your Airbnb listing so that it's more enticing, easy to follow and optimised for bookings? I can help.

Automated Marketing Emails

Think seasonal emails, last-minute availability emails updates on things to do, all written, designed and scheduled on an email platform for you

Local Area Guides

I can research your local area and write a local 'things to do' guide that people can sign up for

Guest Emails and Guest Books

I can write your guestbook or digital guestbook. I can also write booking confirmation emails, emails for the week before, day before and checkout requesting a review.

Blogs and Social Media

I can help you with ongoing content marketing, whether it's blogs, emails and social media

Book a free chat to get a tailored quote, or choose from my bundle options below.

Bundle Options

Want a full set of marketing materials to elevate your Airbnb rental property and finally feel confident about charging a premium price?

The Website Only
Airbnb Copywriting Bundle

The Basic Airbnb Copywriting Bundle

Let's elevate your holiday property business with your own website! I'll spend time with you to understand your ideal guest, your brand story and all the details of your property to find the right words that will captivate your audience and inspire them to book their stay.


+ One 60-minute website copy strategy session

+ Four-page website (Home, Accommodation, Local Area, FAQs or other)

$1400 inc GST.

In The Basic Airbnb Copywriting Bundle, I'll help you create a beautiful brand experience for those who want to find out more about your holiday rental property.


+ One 60-minute website copy strategy session

+ Four-page website (Home, Accommodation, Local Area, FAQs or other)

+ Six-page local area guide or lead magnet

+ One automated marketing email written, designed and set up to deliver the local guide and capture web visitors

$2544 inc GST.

The Complete
Airbnb Copywriting Bundle

In The Complete Airbnb Copywriting Bundle, I'll help you create all the marketing pieces you need to enhance the guest experience from start to finish.


+ One 60-minute website copy strategy session

+ Five-page website (Home, Accommodation, Local Area, FAQs, Photoshoot/Event or Shop page)

+ Six-page local area guide or lead magnet

+ One automated marketing email written, designed and set up to deliver the local guide and capture web visitors

+ Four guest emails written (inc. confirmation of booking, one week before email, one day before email, day of checkout email).

+ Guest book (optional)

$3300 inc GST. without guest book

or $4999 inc GST. with guest book

Not sure which Airbnb copywriting package is right for you? Book a free chat and I'll conduct a quick needs analysis.

How we can work together

1. Book a discovery call

Let's meet for a free 15-minute call where I can do a needs analysis and find out what you need. 

4. Sit back while I write

Once I have your SEO keywords, I'll begin writing your website! This takes 7-14 days depending on how many pages you need.

2. Receive your proposal

Get a detailed proposal on how we can work together. Once signed, receive a discovery form to fill in before our call.

5. Feedback & Sign off

One round of edits is included if you need! Then a final copy is provided for you to hand to your developer.

3. Attend your strategy call

All good things come from a solid strategy. On this one hour call we will deep dive into your messaging and Airbnb goals.

5. Ongoing support

I don't drop you once we're done. I'm invested in your growth. From here we can chat about next steps whether it be creating blogs, lead magnets, email sequences or social media... let's get you that traffic to your website!


Why Airbnbs like yours are investing in a professional website

+ Allows you to stop losing up to 14 percent of booking revenue for simply being listed on the aggregator's website

 + Empowers hosts to stop relying on property managers listing their property on websites with no authority or traffic

 + Enables hosts to start getting visibility on important metrics like website traffic and target key words so they can see how their marketing spend is actually performing

 + Provides an opportunity to capture potential holidayers who would otherwise scroll past by creating lead magnets and email incentives and emailing them with future last-minute availabilities.

+ Allows you to become searchable online through key words and creates a space that people can get immersed in what you have to offer without being distracted by other listings

Ultimately, it helps you take back control of marketing your Airbnb so you can make better financial decisions.

Examples of Airbnb marketing materials I've created

Want me as your Airbnb copywriter?

Why Airbnb hosts are creating brands not just listings, with an Airbnb copywriter

  • Opportunity to create a more luxury brand experience with a unique space to market the property and features

  • Opportunity to create other related income streams that are sold on the website whether it be add-on services and products or booking the space for events

  • People buy stories and experiences — a strong brand will sell the features and benefits of accommodation through the power of storytelling, imagery, colour, font and consistency.

  • Marketing a brand and not just a listing allows you to charge premium prices, it also means you attract more of the right kind of guests with the clever use of language

  • Opportunity to put your own heart, soul and signature touch on your offering. Whether you’re passionate about curating a modern coastal haven, or you take pride in offering your guests a more personalised service and level of hospitality, you can create a whole custom experience that becomes highly sought after!

Free download


Get the A-team service providers collaborating in your project with all the right connections in my little black book.

Little black book1.png

Just imagine, finally working with an Airbnb copywriter who gets your vision. Someone who takes the time to know your property, understand your ideal guest and who can create a whole set of marketing materials that enhances your Airbnb experience so it feels so uniquely curated and luxe.


So, why choose me?

Unlike other copywriters, I have developed what I call, the Climbing Vine Co. approach.


Recognising that the best outcomes will always be a result of working with the right people for the job, I first conduct a needs analysis on your discovery call. This means looking at what you need before and after we begin work together to guarantee you get the best results from your website. Clarifying your next steps, I walk alongside you long-term in your entrepreneurial journey, becoming more like your word wing-woman you can depend on through the years and helping you with your various copywriting needs at each stage of your brand’s growth.


How do I make my Airbnb high-end?

I love that you're asking this. There are a few things involved. One of them being creating a brand. This is where I can help you as your Airbnb copywriter and also connect you with the right team to help. My suggestions will include an Airbnb interior stylist, a strong SEO specialist, web designer, web developer, and a manager. Just book a call and let's chat.

Do all Airbnb copywriters do SEO?

SEO is especially important for Airbnb copywriting, especially when it comes to your website. A basic understanding of SEO is important for making sure Google will index your website and make it more easily searchable with the right customer. Unfortunately, not all copywriters do the basics of SEO… this is where it is important to find an Airbnb copywriter that works with an SEO specialist to give you the strongest copy that will not only read beautifully but actually be searchable online! That's what I do. 

Do Airbnb copywriters design websites?

No. A copywriter is a specialist in the wording of your website, taking the time to understand your ideal customer and weave the right words that will connect with their needs and desires. With almost 10 years in the field, I do however have some amazing connections and work closely with a web designer and developer. If you want the perfect team to work on your site, I can give you my recommendations.

How long does it take to write a website?

At Climbing Vine Co. I can turn around your copy within 7-14 days, depending on the scope of the job and as long feedback has been given on time. One round of edits is included if needed. If you have a rush job, feel free to get in touch and I will see if there is availability in my calendar to squeeze you in.

How do I grow my Airbnb business?

When it comes to building an Airbnb brand, it's important to look at how you are promoting the business. This is where I work closely with an SEO specialist to build your website's authority. From here we can look at blogging, FB ads etc to drive traffic to your website.

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