Blog topics for small businesses.

Need ideas on blog topics that you can tweak to your business? Here are three ideas you can use to begin writing today.

1. Your values: your audience wants to know them

It’s true. Ever started a relationship with someone and a couple months down the track you realise those areas you didn’t think would matter, actually do?

We’ve all been there. The business-customer / organisation-supporter relationship really isn’t any different.

Being upfront with your values, perspectives and vision for how you do life should never be separate to how you do business. Integrity starts with transparency. Writing raw about who you are invites your customers into authentic relationship with your business.

2. Testimonials that relate to your audience’s thoughts/feelings/experiences

Testimonials that inspire your audience and empathises with their struggles or desires can be powerful. I say ‘powerful’ because I think with this point in particular, it’s really important to come back to your values and what you want to project into the world.

With a fundraising background myself, I consequently know the power of writing to evoke emotion that will lead to response. It’s actually a dangerous ability if used with the wrong heart.

I personally, have become more aware of ensuring my writing helps people overcome their fears. Inspiring people to take action motivated from a place of being at peace with what they have in their hands and assisted with how to grow from there.

3. FAQ’s that require conversation

No matter your industry, your product or service will have generated or will soon generate ‘frequently asked questions’.

Therefore, as you can imagine, these are great opportunities to talk about your processes or behind-the-scenes information in a story format.

For example, blogging about the process of a product leaving your shelf, being packed and delivered into the hands of your customer. Here you can mention the expected time frames or even the type of gift-wrapping that your customer will receive with their goods.

Similarly for charities, the movements of a donation. From being received to being utilised in the field. It all tells a story your donors want to know.

If you’d like more ideas on suitable blog topics for your business, I’d love to chat with you and help you create a personalised blog content strategy. Get in touch today.

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