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Website copywriter Melbourne

Need a website copywriter to elevate your brand?

Website copywriting services for lifestyle brands is Climbing Vine Co's specialty.

Writing everything from websites for interior stylists and luxury Airbnb’s to landing pages and product descriptions for beauty therapists, I certainly know a thing or two about the kind of language needed for all things travel, home, skincare products, home décor brands and more.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or overhauling an outdated website to up-level your brand and look more professional in your market, you are in the right place.

Hey, I'm Liana

As a website copywriter specialising in brand clarity for lifestyle brands, I work with you 1:1 to uncover your strongest message for the market and translate it effortlessly across your website.


Having worked with over 185 brands (and counting), I have developed a unique methodology when it comes to website copywriting that harnesses the power of brand story, SEO insight and marketing strategy wisdom, to give you google-friendly website copy that you can hand straight to your developer.


My Website Copywriting Services

What's included:

+ Discovery form

+ 1 hr website strategy session

+ Site structure map

+ Website copy in word document format

+ SEO title and meta description per page 

+ Wireframed web copy to hand to your developer

+ 1:1 email support


$350 inc GST per page 

*Up to 700 words per page

How it works

1. Book a discovery call

Let's meet for a free 15-minute call where I can do a needs analysis and find out what you need. 

4. Sit back while I write

Once I have your SEO keywords, I'll begin writing your website! This takes 7-14 days depending on how many pages you need.

2. Receive your proposal

Get a detailed proposal on how we can work together. Once signed, receive a discovery form to fill in before our call.

5. Feedback & Sign off

One round of edits is included if you need! Then a final copy is provided for you to hand to your developer.

3. Attend your strategy call

All good things come from a solid strategy. On this one hour call we will deep dive into your messaging and website goals.

5. Creating your next steps

I don't drop you once we're done. I'm invested in your growth. From here we can chat about next steps whether it be creating blogs, lead magnets, email sequences or social media... let's get you that traffic to your website!

Examples of just some of the websites I've written....

Want me as your website copywriter?

My website copywriting services are perfect for you if:

  • You don't have a website or you are ready to invest in doing it properly (let’s face it, your DIY efforts served their purpose and now it’s time for a step up)

  • You’re getting confused on what to say on your website

  • Your website isn’t resulting in bookings or sales and your web visitors keep bouncing

  • You have no way of capturing warm website visitors who view your site but aren’t ready to purchase (you haven’t thought about how your website supports the customer journey)

  • You’re not showing up on Google for the right search terms

  • Your current copy feels boring or unenticing to you… so you can only imagine that your customers would feel the same way.

Just imagine, finally working with a copywriter who gets your vision. Someone who takes the time to invest in your brand and who will not only write stunning web copy, lead magnets and more but is able to help with all the other marketing projects that have been sitting on your to-do list for so long!


So, why choose me?

Unlike other copywriters, I have developed what I call, the Climbing Vine Co. approach.


Recognising that the best outcomes will always be a result of working with the right people for the job, I first conduct a needs analysis on your discovery call. This means looking at what you need before and after we begin work together to guarantee you get the best results from your website. Clarifying your next steps, I walk alongside you long-term in your entrepreneurial journey, becoming more like your word wing-woman you can depend on through the years and helping you with your various copywriting needs at each stage of your brand’s growth.


How much does a website copywriter cost?

The cost of website copywriting can vary. Some website content writers charge per hour and others per project or service. At Climbing Vine Co., I charge per page. Everything is quoted and sent as a proposal prior to working together so that you can be clear about the final amount with no fear of additional costs creeping in. Should you wish to add additional pages or scope, we agree on this before anything is created.

Do all copywriters do SEO?

SEO is important for copywriting, especially when it comes to your website. A basic understanding of SEO is important for making sure Google will index your website and make it more easily searchable with the right customer. Unfortunately, not all copywriters do the basics of SEO… this is where it is important to find a copywriter that works with an SEO specialist to give you the strongest copy that will not only read beautifully but actually be searchable online!

Do copywriters design websites?

No. A copywriter is a specialist in the wording of your website, taking the time to understand your ideal customer and weave the right words that will connect with their needs and desires. With almost 10 years in the field, I do however have some amazing connections and work closely with a web designer and developer. If you want the perfect team to work on your site, I can give you my recommendations.

How long does it take to write a website?

At Climbing Vine Co. I can turn around your copy within 7-14 days, depending on the scope of the job and as long feedback has been given on time. One round of edits is included if needed. If you have a rush job, feel free to get in touch and I will see if there is availability in my calendar to squeeze you in.

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