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2023 Brand Planning + 1-1 Coaching Session

2023 Brand Planning + 1-1 Coaching Session


Have you been trying to clarify your brand offers with no framework?

Download my 2023 Brand Planning Document and get an included 1:1 one-hour session where I help you work through everything from: 


  • reflecting on 2022 learnings
  • defining your core brand
  • clarifying your offer processes
  • setting financial objectives
  • clarifying your offer inclusions and prices
  • mapping out your marketing



Sometimes the most intimidating thing with working on your business is not having a framework, guidance, or support to break it down into smaller actionable steps. By providing you with just that, and giving you an hour of my time to help brainstorm, give ideas and hone in on your brand messaging, you can finally feel confident and see some vision for your goals and the year ahead.



1. Simply purchase the excel document

2. On the first page of the document, click the link to book your 1:1 one-hour Brand Planning Call with me!

3. You can begin gathering the information you'll need to fill in the document, and I'll guide you through each section when we meet.

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