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The Hidden Benefit of Blogging for Your Business

Updated: May 12, 2023

Although it’s been around literally since the birth of the internet, blogging has become increasingly popular with brands and marketers alike - and for good reason!

Long-form blog content is one of the best ways for you to build trust and loyalty with your audience, showcase your brand's personality and voice, and position yourself as an authority in your niche.

The cherry on top of all this? Blogging, when done right, can help your website rank higher on Google. This means more eyeballs on your business, more traffic to your website, and more opportunity for you to bring people into your orbit and get them to purchase from you.

I’m Rhi, SEO expert (aka Google whisperer) and I’m here to show you exactly how blogging can help you skyrocket your visibility in Google, in the hopes of inspiring you to get started today.

The SEO expert behind Climbing Vine Co blogs
Rhiannon – The SEO expert behind Climbing Vine Co blogs

More blogs, more keywords

“Keywords” is one of those words you’ll hear a lot when it comes to SEO. Put simply, keywords are those words we all type into Google to get the results we’re after.

“interior designer melbourne”

“Small business owner taxes”

“Next season of RuPaul”

Every single word or phrase we type into Google is a keyword. We want to target these keywords on our own websites to make sure our content is being shown to the right people.

By writing blogs on the reg, you can target a wider range of keywords in your content. Without a blog, you’re relying on the same keywords that are written on your (usually) never-changing home, about and services pages.

With a blog, you get to write about all sorts of topics that target all sorts of relevant keywords to make it more likely for your site to show up on Google for more topics.

More keywords. A wider variety of keywords. More results for your business!

More blogs, more relevant content

Google (and I can’t stress this enough) loves relevant content. The more relevant your content is to your audience, the more likely Google is to show your content in Google search results.

When you blog, you can get specific. You can dive into the nitty gritty, into the nuanced, into the niches of your industry to provide a higher quantity of highly relevant content for your audience.

For example, if someone were to type “interior design” into Google, it’s not clear what they’re actually looking for.

Do they want an interior designer to help design their home?

Are they a budding interior designer looking for courses?

Are they a moody teenager who is soooo over living with their parents and are dreaming up their own home?

General keywords are great because they’re searched for a lot, but you don’t get a good understanding of what your audience wants from you.

That’s why a keyword like “2023 interior design trends” is

more helpful. It’s specific. It’s a question you can answer, a problem you can solve. You know they want interior design trends for this year, and through the power of blogging, you can give the people what they want!

The more specific, relevant and helpful your content is, the better your page will rank on Google (and the more credible your business will look!).

More blogs, more love from Google

We’ve already taken a deep dive into relevancy, so you won’t be surprised to learn just how much Google loves fresh and relevant content.

Why? Because when you add regular, up-to-date content to your website, it shows that you’re still in business. As we know, Google is all about giving their searchers easy access to relevant information that helps them follow whatever digital rabbit hole they’re looking to fall down. If your website hasn’t been touched in months and Google thinks you might’ve quit the business game, it’s less likely to recommend your website to people who might need it.

Adding fresh blog content also gives Google a reason to pay attention to your website. Every time you add a new blog, Google bots will scan your website to check out your new content and add it to the search engine database. And more love from Google = more visibility.

More blogs, more backlinks

Have you heard of these handy little things called backlinks? They’re (yet another) thing Google takes into account when they decide where to rank your website on Google’s search results page.

Every time someone shares your blog on social media, every time they link to it on their own website, this creates a backlink that tells Google your content is on the money. Google takes these shares as a sign that your content is helpful, it’s relevant and it’s coming from an expert in the industry, which builds your authority in the eyes of Google.

While backlinks can be built from any page on your site (home, about, services, etc), your audience are more likely to share blogs because they pack a value-add punch.

The moral of the story?

SEO is great for getting your biz in front of your audience, and blogging is great for SEO.

Ready to dive into your brand new blog but have no clue how to start? Come check out my blog for more SEO tips, tricks and an idea of what an SEO-packed blog can look like!

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