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How to improve your web copy

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

A simple copy tip that makes a HUGE impact on whether your audience is immediately engaged with your site... or not.After editing a few websites lately, there’s one thing that I’ve noticed quite consistently being missed. So here it is...

Remove generic ‘welcome’ copy

The first ‘above the fold’ or ‘above the scroll’ section of the screen is PRIME estate on your website. While you may think that this welcome message is friendly and inviting, it is a missed opportunity to immediately associate your brand with a sentence that will leave an impression.

Use this space to immediately talk about the customer’s desired result from using your product or service. Connect with their feelings, longings, needs etc. Ask yourself questions like these to help shape your copy:

  1. Do they need to save time?

  2. Are they wanting community?

  3. Do they care about finding a more sustainable option?

  4. Do they value health and wellbeing?

Turn product features into consumer benefits

Recently, in the process of writing some product flyers for a client, I took a moment to ensure my writing was nailing the single most important thing: a clear consumer benefit.

To demonstrate what I'm talking about let's use the example of a dinner set being sold in Myer.

Product features:

1. Eco-friendly, handcrafted, natural wood plate and ceramic bowl

2. Pure French linen napkins

3. Glossy white, ceramic teaspoons


Create a clean, minimalist style next time you invite your friends over for breakfast with this neutral-toned breakfast setting.

Above is just one of many possible consumer benefits. But a demonstration of a desire that one may have. 'Product features' and 'consumer benefits' both have their place, but often the latter goes missing.

Are you unsure of your product's consumer benefit? Send me and email and we'll workshop it together.

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