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Three tips for writing copy with emotion.

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Liana Pantalone, founder and writer at Climbing Vine Co. shares how to evoke the right emotions when writing compelling copy.

There's a fine line between copy that connects and copy that manipulates. Toying the line is something I personally don't feel comfortable with. So how can you write emotive copy that doesn't leave your customers with a sour aftertaste?

Identify your customers' needs

Serving your customers is already what you're good at. So let's start there. In helping your clients day-to-day, taking note of their key concerns, problems, needs and frustrations can help you understand the feelings they are experiencing when they come to you. If you can put to words, their very situation, you immediately connect with them by showing that you truly understand.

Write with empathy

When facing a problem in our own lives, we know too well, how comforting it is to have a listening ear. Someone who isn't quick to judge or accuse. When writing about the problem or need your customer is facing, try not to skip through quickly. Describe the situation. Address the thoughts, longings, feelings that were happening in those moments. Allow your reader to see that you know how they feel and you're listening to their situation. BUT.....

Never leave your customer hopeless... write to restore hope.

For every negative emotion or setback that you describe, be sure to provide the solution. The positive. The message of hope.

Whether by use of testimonials, personal experience, examples or case studies, ensure that your content is written to restore your customer's confidence that change is possible, AND that THEY are the ones who can shift their story, and what you have to offer can simply help them get there.

Think about it, most decisions we make in life are based on feeling good or wanting to feel good. So guilting or fearing your customer into buying a product not only oversteps the boundary of professional and ethical marketing, but it also puts your reputation at a huge risk. Remember that words are powerful. Writing with emotion is actually a huge responsibility. If you know that what you have to offer can genuinely improve someone's life, there is a place for writing with emotion in a way that won't compromise on your values.

Need assistance?

Does writing with emotion make you feel nervous? That's ok. It can seem tricky. But once you have clarity on how your product is assisting your customer, it can start to become a lot clearer. If you'd like a hand with this we are here to help you communicate with your audience through words that inspire. Contact us today.


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