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Content marketing: where to begin

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Overwhelm can be real... we get it! It's so easy to get caught up in the feeling of 'this is all too much' and tossing content creation to the "do it later" pile. So here is a way to get your blogs, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, LinkedIn articles and email copy all written at once.

1. Write a list of topics your content needs to cover.

This step is basic content planning. Ensure you are serving your customers the information they are searching for, content that inspires them, and content that builds trust in what you have to offer. There are a thousand ways to plan your content, but the way we like to do it is basically analysing the customer journey that your customer takes for each product or service and then creating content to address those different stages. So many different topics flow from this space of understanding where they may be in the buyer cycle, and how you can help them overcome their own objections.

2. Write a blog on those topics.

Next, you simply write a blog on those topics and you're pretty much done. WAIT... WHAT? Now all you need to do is REPURPOSE THAT CONTENT!

Can you believe it’s so simple?

Basically, once you have written a blog you can reshape it and tweak it to create even more content.

Here’s how to do batch creation when it comes to your content marketing:

1. Sum up the main points of your blog in three social media posts (depending on your strategy you may want to send them to your blog to read more).

2. Make a copy of your blog with some slight tweaks and some backlinks to go back to your website that leads your audience to similar articles. Publish this on LinkedIn and you have your first LinkedIn article!

3. Write a short email to your subscribers that leads them to your blog (make sure it offers high value and intrigues them to want to read).

So there you go, our two-step guide to content creation for content marketing. Want to see how this looks in reality? You are going to love a little resource we created for inquisitive biz owners like you. Download a free copy of Your "DO LESS" Marketing Plan.


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