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Do blogs drive traffic to your website?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

We have seen some advice going around on Instagram about how blogs are irrelevant now, and although you can definitely close the deal on social media without taking your viewers off the platform… there are a few reasons why blogs are necessary for driving traffic to your website.

Blogs boost website traffic

If you are wanting to boost your SEO and ensure your website is continuing to generate traffic, Google actually loves a website that keeps their pages fresh with new information. Blogs are a great way to do this.

Recently chatting with our SEO specialist, Jason shares that a powerful website will post blogs weekly, which is likely to increase your traffic by 10%.

If however, you're able to convert people into leads all in the one place on your Instagram or Facebook shop catalogue, you may find that you can keep your audience on those platforms and see more benefit there. So, if you are limited with time, focusing on content creation for your most promising platform may be most achievable in the interim.

Blogs can nurture your audience and position you as a thought leader.

Another reason why blogs are not dead is that although social media can be a great place to start the conversation if you want to go in-depth about a concept or show photos and diagrams, a blog may be a more suitable platform with no character limits. By also discussing topics related to your product or service and presenting the latest news or findings, you can prove to your audience that you know your stuff. From here, you can lead your audience to other pages on your site (hello product pages) and lead them to a purchase.

Blogs entice your email subscribers to re-engage

You already know your email subscribers want to hear from you (that’s why they haven’t unsubscribed yet). So exclusive write-ups, helpful tips or advice on the topic they follow you for, can actually lead them to your website to read more. It reminds them to check out what’s new in your range since they last visited.

If writing blogs and keeping up with content seems a little overwhelming, you may be the perfect candidate for a free resource we just created. Download a copy of YOUR "DO LESS" MARKETING PLAN and see how business owners and saving time and money with the CVC approach.


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