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Messaging Strategy Services

Helping you clarify your brand messaging

Brand Key Messaging services to help you develop stronger, more customer-aligned messages for your marketing.


What is brand messaging and why do you need it?

Ever wondered why some brands seem to stick in your mind and others just don't? Ever felt whisked away, fully immersed or totally in love with a brand that you somehow end up handing over your credit card details without knowing how you got there?

It's clever, customer-focused brand messaging my friend. But it doesn't just sprout from nowhere. It comes from following a methodology (AKA a brand messaging framework ) to uncover your brand's purpose, uniqueness, value, personality and so much more, before translating it into short, sharp, edgy copy that can be peppered for consistency throughout all your marketing...

Let me give you my brand messaging strategy framework

Hi, I'm Liana

As a brand clarity copywriter, I specialise in crafting messages for all things home, beauty business and lifestyle. I love finding the sweet spot between your customer's story and your brand story to develop truly strategic copy.

With almost 10 years of marketing experience and having worked with over 185 brands (and counting), I have created my own brand messaging framework that is designed to help brand owners get clarity on their offers and brand language without the ridiculous price tag of working with an agency... plus I find working 1:1 is a whole lot more meaningful and fun!

So, whether you need just a little or a lot, it would be my pleasure to help you find the right words for your brand.


My brand messaging strategy services

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+Brand owners wanting a deeper insight into their ideal customer and competitors so they can truly see their unique position and messaging that flows from it.

+ Brand owners who are ready to up-level their branding with a clear document that their marketing teams and employees can use as a point of reference on how to all share the right messages when it comes to the brand.

+ Business owners that know copywriting isn't their strength. They want an expert result

+ New brands and rebrands that don't want to waste time getting it wrong. You see setting up your brand foundations as an investment and understand that confusing messaging can lose dollars

+ Brands looking for a copywriter who will give them undivided attention, diving deeply into their brand and sticking around long-term to then help translate this messaging into their marketing.


1 Month

Th Package

Brand Messaging Clarity Package

Have your brand message clarified and completely targeted to your ideal customer or client. I'll step you through my bespoke brand message framework and you'll walk away with a clear message to use across all your communications. In this package, you'll get an in-depth customer avatar and research into what keywords and messaging your competitors are using, to really know how to differentiate and stand out in a saturated market.

+ Brand Discovery Form
+ Brand Message Clarity Session
+ Brand Key Messaging Document

+ 1 round of edits

+ Your Customer Avatar
+ Competitor Analysis
+ Mission Statement
+ Vision Statement
+ Points of Parity & Points of Differentiation
+ Value Proposition 
+ Elevator Pitch
+ Your Name + Tagline
+ Professional Bio 
+ Brand Personality Description
+ Brand Core Value Statements
+ Tone of Voice Description

+ Language & Vocab Guidelines

+ Your Brand's Word Bank

+ Content Strategy
+ Product and Service One Liners
+ Three Customer Story Snapshots
+ Brand Barriers and Promises


+Product descriptions

+Packaging design copy

+Service guides


Starting at $1999 inc GST.

Book a free 15-minute discovery call and let's assess if this is right for you!

How My Brand Messaging Clarity Package Works

1. Book a discovery call

Let's meet for a free 15-minute call where I can do a needs analysis and find out what you need. 

4. Sit back while I create

If doing the comprehensive package, I'll begin researching your target audience, competitors and offers before crafting your messaging. Turnaround time is 30 days. If you've booked the foundational package, I'll turn it around in 14 days.

2. Receive your proposal

Get a detailed proposal on how we can work together. Once signed, receive a discovery form to fill in before our call.

5. Feedback & Sign off

One round of edits is included if you need! Then a final copy is provided for you to use across your marketing.

3. Attend your brand messaging call

On this one hour call we will deep dive into your messaging, brand story and brand goals.

5. Ongoing support

I don't drop you once we're done. I'm invested in your growth. From here we can chat about next steps whether it be updating your website, lead magnets, email sequences or social media... let's get your message spreading like wildfire!

What my clients are saying


The notes you left in the document clearly prove that you understand the message we're trying to convey and I can already tell it's hitting the mark. So thank you! 

breastmilk queen.webp

Liana THIS IS AMAZING!!! Far out girl ! .... I am soooooo happy with the direction. Beyond impressed and so grateful I found you xox Appreciate you a million... Honestly I am in tears, I feel so aligned. Truly your a blessing !


Thanks so much Liana, I truly love your work! ... Your words are magic!

Want me as your brand copywriter?

My messaging strategy services is perfect for you if:

  • You're feeling confused on your key messaging

  • You are unsure how to communicate what sets you apart from every other competitor in your market

  • You want your brand to be known for its ultra-luxe, fun or conversational brand personality... but are unsure how to get that across with your tone of voice

  • You are lacking some snappy one-liners to sell your offers

  • You don't know your brand story and don't have a professional bio up your sleeve

  • You need consistent messaging for your whole team to use and refer to

  • You want a more strategic approach to the language you use for your brand, but you don't want to work with big agencies... you want 1:1 support from someone who has worked with lifestyle brands like yours.

If this sounds like you,
let's jump on a call and determine
which option will best suit your needs.


P.S Love aFreebie?

Identifying your ideal customer is where the strongest messaging flows. Knowing how they think, feel and speak all comes from researching them. I'll show you how (for free).


+ Free guide on How to Create Your Customer Avatar

+ PLUS get my Customer Avatar Template to consolidate your findings.


This really is so helpful for always checking that your marketing and wording are consistent with who you want to actually listen.

Download my Free Guide on How to Research Your Ideal Customer.


How much does a messaging strategy cost?

My brand messaging packages start at $1999 inc GST, AUD.

How long will it take to receive my brand messaging?

As you can imagine... this is a hefty document! I like to hold your brand in my hands for a good month to ensure I'm creating the best outcome for you!

Are payment plans available?

Yes. Please let me know on your discovery call and I will explain the payment schedule options.

Are refunds available?

No. A lot of time and love goes into this work. The best thing to do is jump on a FREE discovery call with me and see if we're a good fit before we begin.

Can I use your framework with my own clients?

No. The brand messaging framework I teach is Climbing Vine Co. intellectual property. As a small business owner, a lot of time and effort has gone into creating my unique approach. Eventually I will look at creating courses for other creatives, but for now I want to preserve the quality of this approach by ensuring each step is done thoroughly and correctly for those who use it, this requires my guidance and 1:1 support for the direct client.

Is it really worth it?

The purpose of these packages are for you to walk away with clarity on your offers and brand language. By getting it right the first time it helps avoid costly mistakes and thousands of dollars on re-writes, web changes, packaging re-runs... you get the picture. PLUS Everything we go through can help you create your website, emails, social posts based on the final document. Of course, if you'd prefer me to handle that for you I can do that too.

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