Why write about your values in business?

Liana Pantalone, Founder and Writer at Climbing Vine Co. shares the importance of opening up to your customers and sharing your values through interesting content.

Business is all about making connections. Just like life, you tend to gel with the people who value the same things as you. Now, add in the fact that markets are saturated and competition is high… how will you stand out?

Do you want to make the world a better place?

What is it that you stand for? Is your business aligned with your personal values? If you’re an eco-conscious consumer selling sustainable goods, you right there have an aligned personal and business persona.

Sharing your values and writing about your own life experiences and how it connects to your business can instantly create connection with your audience. If your potential customers associate your brand with a friendly face like yours, someone they could imagine sitting down over a cuppa with… you my friend, have a great advantage!

How to turn your values into content

Now, let’s see how this looks practically. Taking the example of a business supplying eco-friendly products, here are some ways to showcase your values through content:

  1. Share your tips on what you look for when ensuring a product is eco-friendly.

  2. Show how to DIY your own home remedies.

  3. Visit or co-create content with other aligned businesses and cross-promote each other’s brands.

‘But what if I’m a service?’ you ask. I hear you. Have you noticed that certain platforms like Instagram seem to be ideal for graphic designers, and products… but for services without tangible goods, it’s a whole other ball game?

My tips:

  1. Share behind-the-scenes videos/photos that show the ‘quick’, ‘efficient’, ‘professional’, ‘caring’ process of your service.

  2. Share personal experiences and how these have lead to you including certain aspects to your service (touching on what you value and why).

  3. Tell your interesting stories. Let people connect with you as a person. If you market to mothers, share child-friendly recipes or your daily struggle with getting the kids away from the television, all of these are great ways to create common ground with your potential customers.

Need assistance?

Want to update your ‘About’ section on your website, vamp-up your presence on social media, or start speaking your values through engaging blogs? We are here to help you communicate with your audience through words that inspire. Contact us today.

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