Tips from the Top – Jaime Ramos, Founder and Chairman shares on crowdfunding

Jaime Ramos

Photo: Jaime Ramos, Founder at Sancss Australia

Want to know Tips from the Top? Jaime Ramos, Founder and Chairman at Sancss Australia Ltd shares his experience with crowdfunding and raising support.

Jaime is the Founder of an organisation that is dedicated to support children who experience disadvantage in local and overseas communities.

In interviewing him I realised; here is a man with a wealth of experience that others could benefit from.

How Sancss used crowdfunding

Raising $5000 to provide dental care for street and orphaned children in the Philippines, Jaime reflects on the success of using a crowdfunding platform.

‘The money was raised entirely through word of mouth and a crowdfunding campaign. A volunteer director created a short video on the plight of these children and that was used on our campaign.’ shares Jaime.

You see, ensuring his crowdfunding platform had engaging content was the first step for Jaime.

Write good content or get someone to help you.

Being clear about what the money would be used for and transparent about how the projects would be funded was key.

Remaining loyal to his 100% model, Jaime had the added benefit of being able to communicate to his supporters that 100% of funds would go directly to projects, with directors even paying their own way to get to the field.

Photo: Jaime and the team source items to give to children in disadvantage

Using videos to communicate the project outcomes, Jaime ensured people had a chance to connect with the faces they would be helping.

He allowed supporters to enter on an emotional level with the mission at hand.

How crowdfunding gave them teeth

Travelling to Ormoc in the Philippines, Jaime and the team then spent two weeks helping get children to and from their orphanage/child centre to the dentists.

‘Only one of the 35 children we helped had ever been to a dentist. With all these kids now pain free and several having false teeth made up for them, I realized the difference this humble campaign had made’ shared Jaime.

Photo: Jaime and the team at a project with children in disadvantage overseas.

On the other side of a crowdfunding campaign

Something that doesn’t get discussed very often in planning a crowdfunding campaign however; is the follow up with your new rallied supporters.

For Jaime, relying completely on the volunteered time of people with little fundraising experience, this was his biggest challenge.

Upon reflection and when asked what he would do differently; should he have more hands on deck to help, Jaime agreed that these were the three areas that could improve a crowdfunding plan:

  1. Writing a follow up email to all who have given, directing them to all social media touchpoints so they can follow any project updates.

  2. A post-project mail-out letter with some pictures from the field showing the difference that their support made.

  3. A supporter journey content plan – A series of planned communications that are multi-channel and take supporters on a journey of becoming more connected to the organisation. Mapping out the next 5-10 communications they will receive in an effort to win their hearts and encourage loyal giving.

So there you have it… another article sharing Tips from the Top that you’ll find nowhere else.

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