Tips from the Top – How to overcome challenges of SEO and Google

A short article with Tips from the Top on how to work through the challenges of SEO and Google.

Photo: Abrar Patel, Director at A.P. Web Solutions

If you read our previous Tips from the Top, Abrar Patel, Director at A.P. Web Solutions explained how charities can get more leads through understanding SEO and Google.

In this article he expands on this, to help organisations work through challenges they may face in this space.

How to work through the challenges of SEO and Google

Abrar shares his learnings with you from his toughest project so far,

‘Our most challenging projects are for clients from the finance industry, who have taken up to 12 months to rank on page one. To keep on track, we made sure the client understood from day one how long it might take to rank and the kind of investment (of time and money) that would go into this.

We were very transparent from the beginning and made sure the client was a good fit to work with.

We also made sure that while we worked on ranking them for their main keywords, that we also rank them for smaller keywords which would bring in some traffic and leads, so that the client could see some results in the first few months.’

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In asking Abrar what his greatest piece of advice would be for an NFP looking to enrol in an Ad Grant, here was his response:

‘While the Google NFP Grant sounds good in terms of how much traffic it can bring for NFP’s, the reality is that there are a lot of nuances and management criteria. It is very likely that a self-managed Ad Grant account will get suspended within a few weeks or months. This is because Google imposes strict limitations and guidelines on the management of Ad grant accounts.’

Tips if attempting Ad grants yourself

If a charity or NFP organisation choses to enrol into the Ad grant themselves and attempt to manage it, some quick tips are:

  1. DO NOT use Adwords Express (choose regular Adwords instead and skip the guided setup)

  2. Choose USD as the currency during setup

  3. Make sure that you have conversion tracking set up before enrolling into the Ad grant.

Does the world of SEO and Google Ad grants interest you? Would you like to speak to a specialist? You can contact Abrar or check out his website here.

Would you be interested in raising money online for your charity? If so, you may also find this article helpful on Facebook for charities.

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