Tips from the Top – Abrar Patel shares on SEO and Google

Are you after some Tips from the Top? Abrar Patel, Director at A.P. Web Solutions explains how charities can get more leads through understanding SEO and Google.

If you are running an organization that has a website, chances are that you may need help in areas you didn’t even realise it was available.

Photo: Abrar Patel, Director at A.P. Web Solutions

We help local businesses get more people to their website, generate more phone calls and leads for their business through Google,’ answers Abrar in articulating his business’ purpose.

Understanding the world of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is simply ensuring that all your online content is enhanced to rank higher in search engines.

It’s making sure your assets will be highly accessible on these platforms; easy to find and relevant enough to be favoured amongst the millions of results out there.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Abrar shares that the right strategy and methods are just as important as being patient.

‘Real results from SEO can take several months, in some cases six to eight months. More often than not, rankings go up because competitors get impatient and choose to take shortcuts which damages their websites and rankings in the long run.’

How SEO and a Google Ad Grant are helping a charity

Working with a non-profit organisation called Bully Zero which is an anti-bullying organisation, Abrar has been able to help them and could even help you in advancing your ranking on Google with Google Ads.

The organisation that aims to educate people about the consequences of bullying, management strategies etc. is a cause that many parents of school children would be interested in.

‘We got involved with the goal of increasing Bully Zero’s reach through the Google Adwords Nonprofit Ad Grant. This Ad Grant provides eligible NFP’s up to $10k USD per month worth of Ad clicks to their websites in order to increase their reach and message.

In the few months since we have started working with Bully Zero, we have gotten over 800 clicks to their website. We tracked thoroughly the conversions from these clicks, including how many people were filling out their contact forms, making donations or booking one of their anti-bulling workshops which they provide at schools and workplaces.

We also noticed that a significant portion of the clicks were coming from people searching about Cyberbullying. This information helped the organisation understand valuable searching trends related to issues they are involved in. They could then tailor their digital marketing and content accordingly’ Shares Abrar.

Would you like to read more on the area of SEO for charities? You can be prepared for some of the challenges you may face and learn some strategies for approaching Google grants yourself.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to a specialist, you can contact Abrar or check out his website here.

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